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Medical Terminology Learning Resources

Online Learning - Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Learning Resources

Multiple resources means multiple learning advantges for you.

  • A best in class worktext.
  • An innovative and fun medical terminology blog.
  • An online course which combines the worktext with many powerful additional resources.
Student learning medical terminology with online resources.

The Medical Terminology Blog is filled with interesting posts about medical terminology. A very popular section of this blog is the section dedicated to making learning fun!

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Learning with Games

Medical educators are learning about the benefits of gamification to aid in learning difficult concepts. Games can offer an enjoyable alternative for engaging your brain.

Learning games are most effective when they are developed with task oriented learning in mind and a scoring system to keep track of advancement.

Medical Terminology

The language of medicine is exact and precise. If you need or want to speak with someone from the medical community about a medical matter then you need to speak the language. You would never hear a doctor or a nurse refer to a medical condition inaccurately. Using the wrong medical terminology could have a negative impact on a person’s diagnosis and treatment.

To learn medical terminology is essential for communication related to medical matters.

Student Learning Medical Terminology Online

Leading Online Resources

The Study of Medical Terminology

Understanding word parts will help you understand complex medical terms. Often knowing part of a word will help you figure out the meaning of the entire medical term.

Online Learning - Basic Medical Terminology

The online course is perfect for non-medical professionals who want to learn medical terminology to pursue a field in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industries.

It is also a wonderful resource if you want to be able to communicate well with your healthcare provider or with the provider of healthcare for a family member who is receiving medical care.

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