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Much of the modern terminology in medicine originates from Greek or Latin, revealing the impact of these ancient people on the terminology used in modern medicine. The etymology and origin of Greek words includes both suffixes and prefixes. For example, anatomy (anatomia) is a Greek word derived from the prefix ana (on, upon) and the suffix -tomy from the verb temno meaning to cut. Surgery, however, is not a Greek word. The corresponding Greek word is chirourgiki derived from cheir (hand) and ergon (action, work) meaning the action made by hands.

Understanding the root of Greek terminology leads to an accurate, precise and comprehensive scientific medical language. We need a universal medical language for proper communication within the health care sector.

These medical terminology blog post will be useful for people who may work in healthcare or even the general public who want to learn more about this fascinating language. These blog posts are educational for anyone who works in healthcare at all levels of experience. The posts will inform those just starting out and preparing to take their exams or start their first assignments. People who have years of experience wanting to brush up on a specific topic will also find a topic or term that is of interest to them.

The blog is constantly updated with new information.

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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

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Why would someone want to learn the language of medicine?

Why would someone want to learn the language of medicine?

The language of medicine, often laden with complex terminologies and intricate jargon, can appear daunting to the uninitiated. However, there are compelling reasons why someone might want to learn this specialized language, transcending beyond mere professional necessity.

The benefits to a high school student who learns the language of medicine!

The benefits to a high school student who learns the language of medicine.

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Why someone would select a career in healthcare.

Choosing a career in healthcare

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Understanding Medical Terminology

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